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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Youngest Lawyer To Be Called To Bar

A Nigerian Man Congratulates his young son who will be called to bar Tomorrow on Facebook

Tuesday 12th October , 2017.


Dear Davidson,

I am writing you this letter with a sense of fulfilment,  joy and pride.  I recall with great nostalgia in 2009 as your then Government and Literature teacher in standard lecture how you approached  me to confess your admiration for me and the fact that you want to be like me and study Law like me and I rebuked you never to pray to be like me but better than me because i didn't see anything special in me worth emulating or deserving to be your mentor.  As at that time i was still in my 100 level, faculty of Law, AAU. I encouraged you to believe in your dream,  that dreams are real and the principles which you must follow to get there because they also helped me.

I saw in you  a very raw young man who has had a very bad environmental/social influence but ready to be refined,  I saw in you a young man who has strong passion, zeal , commitment and resolve to succeed , break the norms and overcome limitations, I saw in you to be a young man ready to learn and be great, I saw in you  a very intelligent,  smart and loyal young man who has great potentials, I saw a very wise and calculative young man who talks and act more than his age and statue, and those traits i  saw in you  pushed my interest in you.

I remember when you called me you have passed your Jamb exam and you begged me to please help you to ensure you gain admission into faculty of Law, I knew it won't be easy but my hope was that the God almighty who could do it for me even when i don't know anyone to push it for me will do it for you,  but unfortunately things didn't go well and they took you to political science and you reluctantly accepted the admission. .  I remember how sad you were when it seems your dream of becoming a lawyer was almost shattered, I encouraged you to take the admission,  you took Jamb again and to the glory of God you finally got admission into Faculty of Law and abandoned your political science at your 200 level.

Osarenoma as i usually prefer to call you, I remember how everybody in faculty Of Law began to call you  my young brother. The news spread everywhere that Felix younger brother is now in the faculty.  They thought you were my young brother because you were always with me, they thought you were my younger brother because you talk the talk , walk the way i walk and you almost became a carbon copy of my humbleself. Sometimes I am shocked how you mimick me .  You knew almost everything about me and i confidently tell you things I cant  tell any person.  You knew weakness , my strength  and sometimes you cover my nakedness and can go to any extent to defend me.

Osarenoma, Less than 24 hours from now,  you will be called to the Nigerian bar, I lack words to express my gratitude to God almighty who made this dream  to become a reality and I do not really kmow how to tell you i am very proud of you.  Am happy I was there at the beginning and also experience the conquering. According  to Robert  Frost in his poem 'Two Roads Not Taken" ...two roads  diverged in a wood,  you took the one less traveled by and that has made the difference today.

If there is one person who has been loyal to me 100%, it is you.  You treated me with honour,  respect and love.  You were very reliable and one of the few persons who stood by me during the struggle and when the chips were down. I might not have rewarded your loyalty but we still have much to achieve together in the future.

The greatest joy of every father is to see his child excelling more than him.  You broke some records I could not break during my time in the faculty and university ,  you won awards I could not win during my time and  exhudes great charismal and character that made you to become friend to many and an enemy of few.

Osarenoma,  if there is any high place i will be fortunate  to be tomorrow  by God's  grace.
Again Congratulation,
Yours in Struggle,
Felix Osenwegie Isere ESQ.

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