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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

3 Reasons People Refused To Attend Churches in Nigeria

From My Poll and Research Did Over 3 Years Ago.
"On Why Some Christiana Refuse To Attend Church"
There has being one or two controversy on the issue of Tithe or no Tithing in the last few days.
1. From My Research, Many People Refuse to go to church on Paying Tithe or Offering Every Sunday, It happens mostly among men. Those guys said they can't go to church without having cash at hand.
2. Requesting Members To Buy Oil and other sinful stuffs all the name of Miracles and causing pressure and fear in their  mind.
Our Pastors Should Stop Forcing People To Pay Tithe, It Optional.
They shouldn't keep preaching and repeating it.
I give my utmost respect to Bro Zac Poneen in India way of Handling Church.
This man won't talk about Tithe but you as a christian l, Should know what is right and wrong.
3. Utmost and high rise of fake prophets which many who are herbalist friend the pastor still consult, 90% Of pastors in Nigeria Falls to This Category.
God Bless you all.
Addition are welcome.
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