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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Nigerians Should Stop The Blame Game

"System Of Government In Nigeria"
 By Yakubu Jimoh John
Here in Nigeria, We Do Put Blames on President and Governors. It seems we all forgot in Nigeria that we have Legislatives arms of government which stand as Leaders and representatives for is also.
In Nigeria We have 109 Senators,360 House Of Representatives, House Of Assembly Members, 774 Council Chairman, etc.
This People are being given constituency fee to work for their zones, Which only 3% of them do that truthfully, Those leaders only perform towards election, We as Nigerian we have to demand our Rights from them, Am Proud of Igalamela New Direction Local Govt Administrator in Kogi state, This Man is just a caretaker,   But he has performed excellently more than the senator in his constituency, in the person of Senator Attai Adoko, Look Senator Dino Melaye Started Performing When he has a problem of being recalled.
Dear Nigerians, Those Senators,House of Representative, House of Assembly,Chairmen,Councillors all owes us:
1. Job Creation
2. Empowerment of Young and Old
3. Improved Educational system.
4. Good Roads.
5. Electricity. etc
Let us not forget that those people were duly elected like Governors,President.
Nigerians don't forget that They all campaigned, and promised to work for us.
Let us stop Tackling Governors, and President.
The House of Assembly have functions of Challenging Governors Who are not working. House of Assembly has there rights.
According to my research Our Senators are being given big cash.
We Demand Better things from you.
Watch Out For Our Next Write Up.

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