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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Nigerian Leaders Should Start Proofing their Capabilities.

By Comrade Austeen Anibe
Unequivocally without prejudice, fear or favour and the sentiments therein, I make bold to draw our attention to the unending drama of decamping from this and to that taking the centre stage in our daily discourse.

In my own understanding, It should not be about PDP or APC etc. It should be about our people. I mean the people we preach to represent or want to represent and seek to continue representing.

We should be fair to ask ourselves these pertinent questions:

Are they happy?.
Are they getting the dividends of democracy they so deserve?
Are the delighted?

and then on services, what indices can we use as a yardstick to measure the KPI of the following as it were:

Welfare & Social Justice

For me, this is all that matters not APC or PDP, APDA, APGA, LABOUR etc.

We should grow above party sentiments because truth must be told and a day of reckoning will sure come.

What we need therefore in 2019 is simple:

Proactive Leaders
God Fearing Leaders
Leaders with the right conscience
People oriented Leaders.
Prepared leaders who are ready to serve and not be served

God bless Kogi State.
 Comrade Austeen Anibe is From Kogi State, Vying for The Post Of House Of Representative in 2019

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